The Cost of Waiting – THE EVENT!


Brighter Futures’ current campaign, called ‘The Cost of Waiting’, aims to raise awareness on the implications that living in limbo has on the lives and aspirations of young asylum seekers in the UK. Brighter Futures have asked the questions that don’t get asked:

  • Why do asylum seekers have to wait so long to get an answer from the Home Office? 
  • Why are asylum seekers human rights denied?
  • What is the cost of this long waiting and how does it impact young people’s lives?

Building on previous campaign experience, the group have undertaken participatory research on the impact that waiting has on young peoples lives. The interviews, stories and case studies will be compiled into an interim report.

Some examples of 'waiting' photos that the group took

Some examples of ‘waiting’ photos that the group took

“When you wait for your documents there is nothing you can do, you can just wait. You stay in your room and wait. You see people living their lives and see yourself totally cut out.”Brighter Futures group member

You cannot study, you cannot work, you don’t socialise and become marginalised” Brighter Futures group member

“As you are unable to make plans for the future, you lose motivation and you become depressed.”Brighter Futures group member

Being in limbo has a significant practical, social an economic impact and permeates the everyday lives and decisions of young people. The campaign aims to raise awareness and to bring this issue to the attention of civil society, politicians and other young people.

The report will highlight the barriers, universal issues and frustrations facing many young asylum seekers awaiting a decision on their status. The report will highlight both good and bad experiences and how individuals manage their own waiting process.


When? POSTPONED until further notice

Where? Oxford house, Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green, London, EC2 6HG (see below for map)

The cost? Priceless (that means free!)

As part of Refugee Week, Brighter Futures will be presenting their research and the stories they have uncovered at a special ‘The Cost of Waiting’ launch event!

Please join the Brighter Futures group on Wednesday 19th June from 6.30, where you will have a chance to:

  • Hear and experience the findings of the research into the cost of waiting
  • Meet the members of Brighter Futures London
  • See the group’s artwork from previous campaigns
  • Listen to radio recordings of Brighter Futures with Reel Rebel Radio
  • Experience a series of playful and provoking waiting experiences presented by Kazzum and Brighter Futures

So please come along and join us for the ‘The Cost of Waiting’ event and be ready to get involved!


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