Wellbeing Toolkit launch on 10th October

Here at Brighter futures we undertook some research and noticed that young migrants were experiencing complex mental health issues that were affecting many elements of their everyday lives, and even though we couldn’t cure them of their mental health issues, we wanted to help them find ways to better cope with the symptoms they were experiencing.

In order to compliment the counselling and therapeutic work some of the young people were receiving, we delivered a set of ‘skills for wellbeing’ workshops, and have created an online Wellbeing Toolkit from the result of our learning which is for youth workers to use with their own groups or young people. The activities in our kit are all centred on a common creative thread.

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So given that we could all do with focusing on improving our wellbeing from time to time, the activities in our kit have been designed with all young migrants in mind, whether they have a mental health diagnosis or not. It is important to note that it won’t be a therapeutic guide, but a collection of activities that focus on young people’s futures and not their pasts.

Our Wellbeing Toolkit will be full of short, practical and focused activities with tangible outcomes that allow young people to feel that they have gained skills.

You’ll be able to use the kit however you like-whether as a series of workshops, or just the odd activity that you feel would work well with your group.

We are going to launch our Wellbeing Toolkit on Saturday 10th October as its also World Mental Health Day, so come back and visit our website then and have a look for yourself.