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Brighter Futures are really excited to be a part of the 2013 Refugee Week. We are hosting an event on the 19th June 2013 to highlight and raise awareness of the implications that living in limbo has on the lives and aspirations of young asylum seekers in the UK.

What is Refugee Week?

Refugee week is the only UK-wide programme of arts, cultural and educational events and activities that celebrates the contribution of refugees to the UK and promotes better understanding of why people seek sanctuary.

Refugee Week provides a unique opportunity to experience and celebrate the diversity of refugee communities through theatre, music, dance, film and other events which go on throughout the UK. It is an ‘umbrella’ festival that allows a wide range of community organisations, voluntary and statutory organisations, schools, student groups and faith based organisations to host events during the week.

Refugee Week aims to create a welcome culture within the UK, enabling better acceptance, understanding and harmony between different communities. Positive images of refugees can be used to encourage successful integration, enabling refugees to live safely and to continue making a valuable contribution to the UK.

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The first Refugee Week was held in 1998 and developed because of the negative portrayals of asylum seekers and refugees by the British media, resulting in the general public having an increasingly hostile attitude towards them. Refugee Week is the only nationwide event in the UK that strives to counter the negative stereotypes, attention and attitudes, focusing on the importance of sanctuary and the benefits asylum can bring, not only to the refugees themselves, but to the host communities and country also.


The key aims of refugee week are:

  • To encourage a diverse range of events to be held throughout the whole of the UK, with the purpose of promoting a positive interaction between refugees and the general public, resulting in an increased understanding, get rid of stereotypes and overcome hostility. 
  • To show case the talent and expertise that refugees bring with them to the UK.
  • To explore creative new ways of how to address relevant issues and to reach beyond the refugee sector.
  • To educate and raise awareness of the reality of the refugee experience. 
How you can get involved

There are several ways you can get involved with Refugee Week, here are a few examples:

  • You could organise your own event of any type or any scale in your local area!
  • You could attend an event – there are 100s of events taking place across the whole of the UK every year, click here to find out what is on near you.
  • Volunteer – to find out more about volunteering in Refugee Week, click here.
  • Come to Brighter Futures London event on the 19th June 2013! Details will follow…..

If you would like to find out more about Refugee Week, visit their website –