The ArtBeat 2012 project helped to articulate the views of young asylum seekers and refugees living in London. Art is a strong tool to empower young asylum seekers and refugees to have a voice and participate in issues that affect their lives. The artworks graphically express the trials, feelings and aspirations of young people forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in the UK. They express the frustrations and the stress deriving from waiting for an immigration resolution. The project provided a welcome platform for young people to express their feelings in a safe space and enable a positive focus on their future aspirations.

The exhibition is part of the Brighter Futures’ campaign which aims to raise awareness on the implications that living in limbo has on the lives and aspirations of young asylum seekers in the UK. Why do asylum seekers have to wait so long to get an answer from the Home Office? And why in the meantime are our human rights are denied?


“When you wait for your documents there is nothing you can do, you can just wait.You stay in your room and wait.You see people living their lifes and see yourself totally cut out.”

 “You cannot study, you cannot work, you don’t socialise and became marginalised. “

“As you are unable to make plans for the future you lose motivation and you become depressed.”

“Being in limbo has a significant practical, social and economic impact and permeates the everyday lives and decisions of young people. The campaign aims to raise awareness and to bring this issue to the attention of civil society, politicians and other young people.The art pieces are part of this expression. They describe our aspirations and hopes for the future. They describe our feelings and are a message for those who wish to listen.”